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Mount Ararat Difficulty
This is a non-technical climb at 30 to 45 degrees. You must be in very good physical fitness with very good heart and lung endurance. The summit is lower than Mount Kilimanjaro, but because of incline and cold weather, it is a harder climb.
Mount Ararat Weather

Mount Ararat Weather Forecast

June 1 - September 15
summer climbing season

July 15 - September 5
best climbing; warm and dry

October 1 -February 29
Blizzards may delay climbing. Only the fearless or foolish climb in these months.

March and April
best ski months

May and June
highest rain and hail

At camp 2, even in August, temperatures turn extremely cold after sunset, and you crawl into your sleeping bag to arise at 1 AM for the summit climb. The last 400 meters are snow- and ice-covered year-round requiring crampons. Winds can be 40 knots or more on the summit, making it bitterly cold even in August. You must dress in layers to keep warm, including your hands.

Mount Ararat, April 30, 2012
Mount Ararat, April 30, 2012

Mount Ararat in June, snow line at 3800 meters
Mount Ararat in June, snow line at 3800 meters
Mount Ararat in August, driest month, meltback to 4600 meters
Mount Ararat in August, driest month, meltback to 4600m
March - April best spring skiing on Mount Ararat
March - April best spring skiing on Mount Ararat

2014 Full Moon Dates

June 13, 07:12, Friday
July 12, 14:25, Saturday
August 10, 21:10, Sunday
Sept 9, 04:38, Tuesday

Full moon setting in shadow of Mount Ararat
Full moon setting in shadow of Mount Ararat


sleeping bag (-15C or -20C)
backpack or soft-sided duffle bag for horse to carry
small day pack you carry
sturdy trekking shoes
waterproof rigid boots for crampons on summit
gaiters (recommended)
waterproof heavy coat with hood
waterproof pants
thermal under clothes
waterproof poncho
waterproof ski gloves
warm glove liners
hat for sun protection
cotton neckscarf
warm wool hat
wool scarf or neck guard
facemask (optional)
2 pairs thick wool socks
2 pairs inner socks
2 water bottles (aluminum or hard plastic)
ski goggles (optional)
dark reflective sunglasses
headlamp for summit
mini pocket flashlight
whistle for emergency
walking poles
#30+ sunscreen
chap stick or lip balm
tissue packs
ear plugs to keep gnats out
water purification tablets
mini-first aid kit for pain, swelling, head cold, nose congestion, sore throat, infection, insect bites, diarrhea, constipation, sunburn, cuts, blisters, bad knees

How to Make a Tiny Camping Stove from a Beer Can You'll love this!
Muradiye Waterfalls en route from Van to Dogubayazit Photo stop at Muradiye Waterfalls.
Mount Ararat horses Photo
Horses carry gear, food, backpacks.
Mount Ararat visit in nomad tent
Visit in nomad summer tent.
Mt. Ararat Camp 1, 3200 meters
Mount Ararat Camp 1 at 3200m
Mount Ararat summit photo
Mount Ararat summit is snow-covered.
Kurdish kilims Persian carpets for sale
View Kurdish kilims and Persian carpets. Don't go home without one!
Mount Ararat History
Mount Ararat is the highest point in Turkey, rising in isolation above the surrounding plains and valleys and providing a panoramic view of Armenia, Iran, and Turkey. Ararat is a dormant volcano with no crater. It has not erupted in historic time. The most recent eruption was probably in the last 10,000 years. However, an earthquake rocked the mountain in 1840, burying a chapel, convent, and village on the slopes in Ahora Gorge. Today nomadic Kurds reside on the mountain from June 1 to September 1 with their herds of cattle and sheep. A smaller cone, Little Ararat (3896 meters) rises just southeast of the main peak.
The Search for Noah's Ark continues to attract archeologists, geologists, and historians from around the world. According to Old Testament legend, Noah's Ark came to rest on the "Mountains of Ararat" following the Great Flood.

Raider's of the Lost Past: The Quest for Noah's Ark features the American team. It was shown on Yesterday TV in UK, Nov. 2012. Amy Beam and Richard Bright are interviewed in it. Download the full-length 51-minute movie at

The Noah's Ark Hoax
We are not associated with the Chinese-Turkish-Dutch-American hoax and Noah's Ark Ministries International (NAMI) who claim to have discovered Noah's Ark. We did have the misfortune to have the American Joel Klenck as one of our climbing customers in 2011. He raised the standard for astonishing deception adding to the growing body of "pseudo-scientific" lies causing so much damage to honest archeology. The Director of Archeology at Harvard University states there is little they can do to control what a graduate publishes after he leaves Harvard.

Solymos Tourism TURSAB

Mt. Ararat Slide Show
Mount Ararat Start Dates 2014 2014 Public Tour Dates to Climb Mount Ararat (Agri Dagi)

Individuals may join any of the following PUBLIC TOURS.

May 25-31, 2014; 7-day tour (7ARA)
June 22-28, 2014; 7-day tour (7ARA)
July 1-6,2014 6-day tour (6R) NEW
July 11-15,2014; 5-day long weekend (5R)
July 20-26,2014 7-day tour (7VRA) NEW
July 25-29,2014 5-day long weekend (5R)
Aug 10-16,2014 7-day tour (7ARA)
Aug 24-30,2014 7-day tour Ararat(7VRA)
Aug 31-Sept 5,2014 6-day tour (6VRA)
Sept 7-13,2014 7-day tour (7ARA)

Arrive on Monday We also have 7-day tours (7R) arriving every Monday and beginning the climb on Tuesday. They include 2 hotel nights and 4 nights/5 days on Ararat with acclimatization. 7R tour dates:

July 7-13, 2014;
July 14-20, 2014;
July 21-27, 2014;
July 28-Aug 3, 2014;
Aug 4-10, 2014;
Aug 11-17, 2014;
Aug 18-24, 2014;
Sept 1-7, 2014;
Sept 8-14, 2014;
Sept 15-21, 2014;
Sept 22-28, 2014;

Scroll down for private group tour packages.
Point to each tour code to see popup window with itinerary.
Tour Code Mount Ararat Cheap Tours Description - Public Tours:
All tours are all-inclusive except 5R*.
Camp nights Hotel nights
*5R Ararat only: airport transfers not included 2 2
Van-Ararat 3 2
*7R Ararat only: airport transfers not included 4 2
7ARA Ararat-Agri 3 3
(standard tour)
Van-Ararat-Agri 3 3
7VRA+ Same as 7VRA but also includes a horse to ride for 3 days (from starting point to camp 1; camp 1 to camp 2 ascending; camp 1 descending to starting point at finish). The horse is led by a rope by the porter. 3 3

Mount Ararat Summit 7-Day Tour Mount Ararat Summit 7-Day Tour (7VRA)

Lake Van tour to historic 10th century church on Akdamar Island

Day 1 - Lake Van Tour

We meet you at Van airport at 9 AM and take you to Van Castle, a visit to a carpet factory to watch women weaving carpets followed by lunch on the shore of Lake Van, a boat trip to Akdamar Island with a famous 10th century church with exquisite stone carvings. Enjoy a scenic 3-hour drive to Dogubayazit, stopping en route at magnificent Muradiye Waterfalls for photos then passing volcanic Mount Tendurek. Arrive to Dogubeyazit 3-star hotel followed by orientation meeting, equipment check, and dinner.

Mount Ararat Eli Village 2250m

Day 2 - Camp 1

After breakfast in hotel, leave unnecessary items locked in storage room, drive to starting point at 2250m on Mount Ararat. Unload gear and trek 3 – 4 hours to base camp at 3200m. Horses will carry your backpacks and gear. You carry your own small day pack with lunch packet. Stop for tea and photos in a nomad tent along the way. Enjoy a hot dinner. Overnight at camp 1.

Mount Ararat Camp 2 Temperature turns cold after sunset at camp 2 .  Little Ararat in distance.

Day 3 - Camp 2

After breakfast, take down tents, pack, and climb 3 – 4 hours to camp 2 at 4200m; transportation of equipment by horses. Enjoy hot dinner and go to sleep early at camp 2.

Mount Ararat Photo

Day 4 - Mount Ararat Summit

Wake up at 1 AM, drink tea/coffee, eat, fill thermos with hot tea, depart from camp 2 at 2 AM. Climb 5-7 hours to Mount Ararat summit at 5137 meters for sunrise. Return to camp 2, eat, rest, pack gear for horses. Return to camp 1 for the night. (This may also be used as a reserve day if altitude sickness or bad weather requires two nights at camp 2.)

Mount Ararat Photo

Day 5 - Hot Springs

After breakfast at camp 1, pack equipment for horses and descend to 2250m to meet minibus for transfer to hotel. Have shower and short rest. Men may go to barber for shave and neck massage. Drive to hot springs to relax in thermal pool in private room. Return to Dogubeyazit for celebration dinner and Turkish deserts. Receive climbing certificates. End with night caps on the rooftop terrace of your hotel looking at Mount Ararat.

Dogubayazit cultural tour requires staying an extra night. See standard tour code 7VRA.

Day 6 - Agri Tour

Dogubeyazit/Agri regional tour of Işhak Paşa Palace (closed on Mondays), Tomb of Ahmed-I Hani (famous scholar and poet), Urartian Castle, old Bayazit city archeological ruins, mountain drive to Noah’s Ark National park (Durupinar), lunch of homemade cheese and bread, grilled chicken and tomato kebob, and watermelon with a family in a Kurdish village or nomad tent. Return to town for an hour of shopping, transfer to hotel for packing and shower. Farewell dinner. End the tour with night caps on the rooftop terrace of your hotel or visit cafe for hookah smoking.

Departure from Agri or Van airport on Turkish Airlines, Anadolu, or SunExpress. Agri airport is closest airport. Igdir airport (even closer) will be opening soon.

Day 7 - Agri Departure

Breakfast in hotel; drive 1.5 hours to Agri airport for 13:40 departure.

Mount Ararat Services Mount Ararat Summit 7-Day Tour Includes:
3 nights in 3-star hotel with breakfast
Van airport pickup
return transfer to Agri airport
Lake Van cultural tour
Dogubeyazit cultural tour
Visit to hot springs and relaxing in thermal pool in private room
all admission fees
all meals both on and off Mount Ararat
transportation to and from Mount Ararat, 2250m starting point
3 nights and 4 days on Mount Ararat
camp security guard on Mount Ararat
government climbing permit
mountaineer guide
water, coffee, tea, juice
porter and horse to transport backpack and gear
horses to transport food and cooking gas
dining tent
tent shared by 2
climbing certificate

Upgrades are available for a surcharge:

single tent
horse to ride
private guide from camp 2 to summit
return to town ahead of group

NOT included:

airline tickets
sleeping bag
walking sticks
alcoholic or soft drinks (buy or bring your own)

Mount Ararat Trek All-Inclusive Tours 2014 Mount Ararat Trek All-Inclusive Tours 2014

Contact us for prices. We specialize in all-inclusive tours, taking you to the summit of Mount Ararat. We package tours that combine the following modules. Point to each photo:
Lake Van tour to historic 10th century church on Akdamar Island
Van - Lake Van Tour

Nemrut Crater west of Lake Van
Nem - Nemrut Crater

Mount Ararat meltback in August
Ara - Mount Ararat Summit

Ishak Pasa Palace
Agri - Dogubeyazit/Agri Tour
Ani ruins northeast of Kars
Kars - Ani Ruins Tour
Istanbul Blue Mosque
Ist - Istanbul Self-guided Tour

Climb Mount Ararat 2014 Summit PRIVATE Tours

The following tours are open ONLY to groups of 6 or more.
Groups may choose their own dates.
Tour leaders may receive a discount.

Tour Code Mount Ararat Cheap Tours Description - Private Tours: All tours are all-inclusive except 5R, 7R, 6BUDGET, 6BUDGET+1. Camp nights Hotel nights
*5R Ararat only: airport transfers not included 2 2
*7R Ararat only with acclimatization: airport transfers not included 2 2
*6BUDGET Ararat - Includes airport transfers, transport to/from Ararat, guide, permits, cooking gas, horses for gas and food 3 2
*6BUDGET+1 Van-Ararat - Includes airport transfers, Lake Van tour, transport to/from Ararat, guide, permits, cooking gas, horses for gas and food 3 2
Agri-Ararat SKI 3 2
Ani-Agri-Ararat SKI 3 2
Van-Ararat 3 2
Ararat 3 2
7ARA Ararat-Agri 3 3
(standard tour)
Van-Ararat-Agri 3 3
7VRA+ Same as 7VRA but also includes a horse to ride for 3 days (from starting point to camp 1; camp 1 to camp 2 ascending; camp 1 descending to starting point at finish). The horse is led by a rope by the porter. 3 3
8VNRA Van-Nem-Ararat-Agri 4 3
8VRAK Van-Ararat-Agri-Kars 3 4
9VNRAK Van-Nem-Ararat-Agri-Kars 4 4
10IVRAI Ist-Van-Ararat-Agri-Ist 3 5
11IVRAKI Ist-Van-Ararat-Agri-Kars-Ist 3 7
12IVNRAKI Ist-Van-Nem-Ararat-Agri-Kars-Ist 4 7

Mount Ararat Permits and Guide Government Climbing Permits

Mount Ararat is a national park. For your safety, the government of Turkey requires all climbers on Ararat to be led by a Turkish licensed guide. It also requires special permits to climb Mount Ararat. We get the permit for you. It costs $50 USD and is included in our tour prices.

Mount Ararat Cheap Tours Prices

Please contact us for prices. We offer discounts for groups. We work closely with travel agencies, climbing clubs, and organizations to customize all-inclusive Mount Ararat package tours and support your marketing efforts. In addition to Mount Ararat summits, we can create a tour of all of eastern Turkey for groups of 6 or more people. For group discounts please include your contact information and travel agency or group name.

Mount Ararat Reservations Reservations

Please contact us to begin planning your trip. If you would like us to call you, please include your phone number. When you have decided on your tour program, we will email you a reservation document that includes day-by-day itinerary, dates, price, services, and payment instructions.

In order to complete your reservation, we will need the following for each person:

  • a copy of passport photo page (or Turkish ID)
  • full name
  • address
  • email address (for photo sharing and follow-up evaluation)
  • mobile phone (set to roaming for Turkey arrival and emergency on mountain)
  • profession
  • emergency contact information
  • blood type (optional for your benefit, but accidents can happen)
  • flight arrival and departure information

We do not share or sell your information to anyone.

Mount Ararat payments Payments

To confirm your reservation, guarantee the price, and begin the permit application process, a 50% payment is required. Payments are only refunded (minus expenses already incurred) if you cancel at least 6 weeks before your start date or if the government closes the mountain (highly unlikely) during your scheduled trek. People may be added to a reservation or dates may be changed without penalty. Payments may be made online with PayPal or by bank transfer. Full payment must be received two weeks before arrival or a $100 USD late fee will be applied. We handle people, not money when you arrive.

Allow one month for the climbing permit. Make your reservation months in advance because airline seats are limited and hotels are full in the summer.

Mount Ararat Trek Summit climbing tours